10 Child Stars That Went From Unfortunate Ugly Ducklings To Absolutely Gorgeous
Child stars have a rough go of it. They usually have an incredible rise to fame, sometimes progressing from sleeping in the back of a station wagon with their parents and siblings to sleeping in a penthouse at Trump Tower - as was the case with Home Alone star, Macaulay Culkin. We may have fond recollections of child stars like the Olsen twins from Full House, or even one of the first child stars of
the golden age of film, Shirley Temple. Child stars, like all other children, grow up. And growing up in the spotlight means having to undergo puberty on the world stage!

Puberty is awkward and somewhat horrifying for most children to go through, let alone having to go through it in front of millions of people! From the acne to the squeaky voice to the greasy hair to the body odor, the list goes on and on!

These 10 child stars went through an ugly phase and came out on the other side looking absolutely jaw-dropping and gorgeous! You would never have guessed they had such an awkward pre-teenage stage, but it goes to show that stars are just like us regular mortals....zits and all!
10 Child Stars That Went From Unfortunate Ugly Ducklings To Absolutely Gorgeous
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Homely Looking Harry Potter Actor Matthew Lewis
Neville Longbottom, played by Matthew Lewis, of Harry Potter fame went from a rather unfortunate looking fellow...as seen here to a somewhat different looking character. Perhaps even leading man potential?
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