Now, going to the subject, women like men, have a natural instinct that tells them who will be worth knowing and you can raise or lower the passion and interest depending on the subtle phrases that you mention and how you do it. Next, we will show you a series of sensually powerful phrases, which can drive the man whom you are attracted to so crazy. We can assure you that it is worth to
know them and no matter what the women's history, be the master of seduction.
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1. "Your lips drive me to madness":
It can work to get a man out of that logical state and introduce him to the emotional one. This phrase is really powerful, so by saying it, more than once, he will go crazy.

2. "I feel my heart speed up when I approach you":
While saying this phrase, you have to walk towards the man, without any hurry, and look into his eyes, with a burning look that can be read as: "You turn me on, come to me".
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