Not in her wildest imagination, did Maria Lebedeva imagine that a fight with her boyfriend would end up leaving her blind, disabled and incapable of fulfilling her dreams of becoming a successful lawyer.

Today, Lebedeva, 23 is fighting to recover from a devastating car crash accident in August 2016, that left her with a damaged brain and memory loss, along with blindness and host of other issues, robbing her of her dignity, integrity, and independence that she
held so close to.

Watch the video of the car-crash here:
'The most beautiful girl in the university class...'
A law graduate, Lebedeva's life-changing accident transpired in her home-town Novosibirsk after she had a fight with her now ex-boyfriend of four years, Andrey because she was half an hour late for a ride home.

"I was late and when I came he was angry. When I got in the car, he was yelling at me," she was quoted as saying The Siberian Times.

Maria with her ex Andrey.
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