The lead author of the study, Alexandra Brodsky, found online communities where men would encourage other men to engage in such atrocious behavior. It was during Alexandra’s research for her study where she uncovered an online community with both heterosexual and homosexual males who were encouraging one another to ‘spread one’s seed.’

In an article published in The Independent, an unidentified man stated that he stealthed because ‘it feels better with no condom
on.’And then again during an interview on Hack, a man by the name of Brendan said that he wasn’t too concerned with the risk of spreading STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections.)

‘I really don’t want to get them pregnant so I definitely wouldn’t be leaving a trace. As for STIs, I don’t want to get them but I would run the risk. There’s a risk crossing the road and we all do that.’

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Alexandra hopes that her research will inspire and incite new rules and laws which will include ‘stealthing’ as criminal behavior.

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