What all Meghan Markle’s outfits have in common
People fell in love with Megan Markle not only because of her charity work and film roles but also for an exceptional taste when it comes to wearing clothes. Her outfits are always well-thought-out, graceful and you can spot some dose of feminism in them. It turns out that all the costumes that Megan Markle is wearing during formal events and other important occasions are created by a female fashion designer! This is probably mainly
because of her strong support for equality of men and women. Let's see some of her outfits!

She looks stunning!
Meghan is an American model and actress known mostly for the TV series "Suits", where she played for 7 years. She has also starred in several feature films, including "Horrible Bosses " and "Remember Me". But she did not always want to work in show business.

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