Woman 20 Weeks Pregnant With Twins Has An Abortion And Smiles While Posing For Photographs
The pro life pro choice debate has been one that we’ve argued over for many, many years. But no matter where you fall on this issue, many would agree that even for pro choice advocates, there comes a point in the pregnancy where it’s no longer healthy or safe to abort the babies. Late term abortions are still performed by certain clinics across the US. And one such clinic, the Orlando Women’s
Center, recently performed an abortion for a woman carrying twins.
Perhaps it’s the sight of seeing women who look so pregnant lining up to receive abortions. At such a late stage in their pregnancy (6 months), these women have felt their children kick. They may even know the sex of the baby.

This is part of the reason that late stage abortions have become such a contested topic of discussion.
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